Tenses With Example and Types 


In this lesson we are going to study about Tenses with example and its types Basically tense in English means time it can be any time, era . In Urdu if we discuss it’s meaning ” وقت” waqt , Zamana. So no matter what time it’s it can be Present (حال) , Past (ماضی) and Upcoming i mean Future (مستقبل).

In other words Tense is a form of Verb that shows the time of an action.

So thus we have in this sense Tenses are divided into 3 parts:

  1. Present Tense
  2. Past Tense
  3. Future Tense

So above each mention part above further being classified into four parts

Present Tense

  1. Present Indefinite Tense
  2. Present Continues Tense
  3. Present Perfect Tense
  4. Present Perfect continues Tense

Past Tense

  1. Past Indefinite Tense
  2. Past Continues Tense
  3. Past Perfect Tense
  4. Past Perfect continues Tense

Future Tense

  1. Future Indefinite Tense
  2. Future Continues Tense
  3. Future Perfect Tense
  4. Future Perfect continues Tense