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Internships are invaluable experiences that bridge the gap between academic learning and Practical world learning.  As interns embark on this journey, they gain insights, hone their skills, and build professional networks. Amidst the fulfilling journey, it becomes imperative to express gratitude through an acknowledgement in the internship report. This section not only reflects professionalism but also serves as a token of appreciation to those who made the internship journey worthwhile.

 Acknowledgement Example for Internship Report (Colleagues & Staff)

In the course of my internship, I was fortunate to work alongside a dynamic and dedicated team. The mutual trust and friendship among colleagues played a pivotal role in making every day at the workplace enjoyable and enriching. I extend my sincere gratitude to each member of the team for their support, encouragement, and collaborative spirit.


“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues who made my internship memorable. Their constant support, friendly environment, and willingness to share knowledge created a positive work atmosphere. I am thankful for the team spirit that made every challenge an opportunity for growth.”

Acknowledgement Sample for Internship Report (Mentors & Advisors)

The guidance and mentorship received during an internship are instrumental in shaping one’s professional journey. I extend my gratitude to my mentors and advisors who shared their expertise, provided constructive feedback, and served as beacons of inspiration throughout the internship period.


“I extend my sincere appreciation to my mentors and advisors for their unwavering support and guidance. Their insights, constructive feedback, and encouragement were invaluable in shaping my professional growth. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from their wealth of experience.”

Acknowledgement for Report Internship (Funding & Support)

Internship experiences are often enhanced through financial support and resources provided by organizations. It is essential to acknowledge the funding and support that facilitated a smooth and enriching internship journey.


“I would like to express my gratitude to [Organization/Company Name] for providing the necessary financial support and resources during my internship. Their commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment significantly contributed to the success of my internship experience.”

Acknowledgement for Civil Engineering Internship Report

For those involved in civil engineering internships, acknowledging the specialized knowledge and guidance becomes crucial. Expressing gratitude to mentors and colleagues in the civil engineering field adds a personalized touch to the acknowledgement.


“My sincere thanks go to the civil engineering team at [Company Name] for their exceptional guidance. Special appreciation to [Mentor Name] for sharing invaluable insights and patiently guiding me through the intricacies of civil engineering. The experience has been enlightening, thanks to their expertise.”

Acknowledgement for MBA Internship Report

In the context of MBA internships, the acknowledgement should highlight the blend of business acumen and practical learning. Gratitude towards mentors and colleagues who contributed to the understanding of business dynamics is paramount.


“I extend my heartfelt appreciation and I am thankful to the leadership team at [Company Name] for providing a conducive environment for learning. Special thanks to [Mentor Name] for imparting valuable business insights and guiding me through the intricacies of strategic decision-making. This internship has been a transformative experience.”

Acknowledgement for Hotel Internship Report

Hospitality internships often involve diverse experiences, from guest interactions to operational management. Acknowledging the support received from colleagues, mentors, and staff in the hospitality industry is vital.


“My sincere thanks go to the entire staff at [Hotel Name] for their unwavering support during my internship. Special appreciation to [Mentor Name] for providing guidance in guest relations and operational management. This internship has deepened my understanding of the hospitality industry.”

Tips to Write Acknowledgement for Internship Report

  1. Be Specific:

 Mention names and roles of individuals who played a significant role in your internship.

  1. Express Genuine Gratitude:

 Let your acknowledgment reflect sincere appreciation for the support received.

  1. Highlight Contributions:

 Outline specific contributions made by colleagues, mentors, and staff that enhanced your internship experience.

  1. Maintain Professional Tone:

 Even in expressing gratitude, maintain a professional and formal tone in your acknowledgement.


The acknowledgment section of an internship report is more than a customary gesture; it is a genuine expression of gratitude. By recognizing the contributions of colleagues, mentors, and organizations, interns not only showcase professionalism but also cultivate a culture of appreciation in the professional sphere. As interns transition from learners to contributors, the acknowledgement serves as a lasting testament to the shared journey of growth and learning.


Q: Is it necessary to mention specific names in the acknowledgment?**

A: While it’s not mandatory, mentioning specific names adds a personal touch and shows genuine appreciation.

Q: How long should the acknowledgment section be?**

A: Keep it concise and focused, typically ranging from a paragraph to a page, depending on the depth of your gratitude.

Q: Can I acknowledge multiple groups in a single section?**

A: It’s advisable to have separate sections for different groups, such as colleagues, mentors, and organizations, to give due attention to each.

Q: Is it appropriate to include humor in the acknowledgment?**

A: While professionalism is key, a light-hearted and appreciative tone is acceptable. However, it’s important to strike the right balance.

Q: Should I seek approval from individuals before including their names in the acknowledgment?**

A: It’s courteous to inform and seek permission from individuals before mentioning them in the acknowledgment, especially if it involves personal details or specific contributions.


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